Westchester Condo


When a couple decided to make a lifestyle change for easy, low-maintenance living and move to a new condo in the heart of the vibrant town center of Rye, New York, they turned to Barbra Fordyce of Ginger Lemon Indigo – Interior Design (GLI) to design a home for gathering and deepening family relationships.


The aim was to create a modern, family-centric home for all types of casual gatherings and celebrations. The client’s requests were simple. The space had to be livable, comfortable, and grandkid-proof, feature natural wood, and be equal parts beautiful and practical.

To achieve these goals, realize the client’s love for natural wood grain, and incorporate beautiful, handcrafted, sustainably-sourced furniture, the designer selected Sossego furniture for the dining room.

The first selection was the ZYV Table. The Jequitiba wood tone brings warmth, and the surprising angles of the table’s legs provide a sophisticated feature at the center of this bright, expansive space. The designer placed a light fixture of vivid, handblown multi-colored glass spheres mounted on a brass stem above the table for a whimsical touch.

A great deal of forethought went into the dining chairs, which had multiple requirements. In addition to complementing the table, they needed to provide significant comfort to encourage long stretches of conversation throughout and after meals. The Lily Chair met all objectives. Its lightweight frame allows the chairs to easily be moved to accommodate family activities. The back features unusual twin concave and convex supports, which ensure the chair remains sturdy and secure with significant use by children and adults alike. And lastly, high-quality faux leather was selected for its luxurious appearance, while making it easy to clean.

The clients connected with the story of the Lily Chair, which designer Aristeu Pires created with his own mother in mind, inspired by the folding of lily leaves. The comfortable back features upholstery that folds over the frame but does not obscure its beautiful structure.

There is extra seating at the island to accommodate additional guests or to enjoy a cup of coffee. The curvy Duda Counter Stools lend visual interest and complement the large quartzite island. Small children can easily clamber upon the stool, and its ergonomic backrest is perfectly angled for people of all sizes. The stool was designed to be relatively tip-proof; it cannot easily be rocked when accommodating a wiggly occupant.

To ensure the dining table, chairs, and light fixture take center stage, the walls were painted in an off-white color and the custom credenza and display cabinet were kept neutral, matching the stain on the white oak floor. For the seating area, GLI design ensured fabrics were high performance and there were no sharp edges on the custom coffee table, which has drawers for storing kids’ toys. A rug in the same hue as the kitchen was selected for the dining area to re-introduce blue to this side of the space. Deep orange fabric on the swivel chairs adds depth, all resulting in a relaxed modern space with clean lines designed for comfort.

My design ethos lends itself to creating interiors that incorporate nature, embrace sustainability, and have a European touch. Moving between Amsterdam, London, and New York inspired my vision of home—a comfortable place that emphasizes both where the client has been and where they are going. It’s a careful balance of new and vintage furniture, fabrics, lighting, and art to enforce a look that is gathered and personal. Sossego’s pieces honor my search for sustainable design.
-Barbra Fordyce, Designer

West Village II


A West Village pied-à-terre in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood gave Tina Ramchandani the chance to show off her chops for designing small clusters around her clients’ desire to entertain and make the most of New York’s cultural scene.


Designer Tina Ramchandani took inspiration from the undulating, angular design of the new building her clients moved into when she chose the furniture for her client’s residence. She brought in her “soulful minimalism” design ethos when choosing warm and modern pieces that reflected the personalities of the couple, whose primary residence is in Puerto Rico.

Entertaining at their city home was high on the couple’s list of intentions for the space, so Ramchandani designed separate areas for cocktails, dining, and conversation while taking in city views, creating flow between areas by integrating a neutral backdrop with deep, rich wood tones rather than bright colors.

With space at a premium, the designer chose furniture that was stylish but smaller in scale, such as swivel chairs that took up less space than traditional versions. With clean and curvy lines, the Duda stool sold itself when Ramchandani brought one to her initial meeting with the clients, who sat in it throughout the meeting and found it was not only comfortable, but cast a sculptural silhouette they loved.

“The warmth of the hand-hewn jequitibà wood sourced in the rain forest reflect the craftsmanship of the maker,” reflected the designer. “With many comfortable, good-looking stools on the market, the Duda comes with a story I love sharing with my clients, and they can tell it to their friends.”

MOMA Moments


With its sweeping view of the ocean, a California home gave Denise Morrison a chance to use her skill balancing environment, furniture, and an art collection so prolific she named it after the Museum of Modern Art.


Designer Denise Morrison recalls connecting strongly with the Corona del Mar home. “From the beginning, the tremendous use of steel, wood, and custom lighting made it a favorite. With a view of the Pacific, it was a real showstopper,” she recalls. The client’s extensive art collection added to the work of balancing and layering it all, putting the project squarely in her sweet spot.

With clients who were “creative, open to all ideas,” Morrison’s design intelligence kicked in as she sought ways to keep the view unimpeded. Things like a slatted office wall and sculptural but unobtrusive furniture worked beautifully. When she saw the Angela armchair and Lily stool at Sossego’s AD space, she knew they would help her play on the contrast between very light whites and strong darks through use of texture, wood, and fabric.

“I had the opportunity to sit in those chairs, and absolutely loved the way they felt. Aesthetically, they’re just so beautiful, they almost feel sculptural,” she reminisced. “The silhouette was so beautiful they complemented these fully elevated artful moments throughout the house. The leather back fold over is textural, pretty, and “gives” comfortably. For the downstairs bar, the leather lends a nice masculine feel.”

Sossego’s modern design integrated well with the art and even the antiques I used, the designer recalls. “I love to surprise people, pushing the envelope to find flow and balance. Layering that way is intentional – but also tricky. A client feels at home and enjoys seeing things that are fun and fresh mixed with the pieces they love. As a design team, we love working with Sossego products. We completely trust in the quality and know we’ll have something extraordinary in its beauty and its build.”