Suggested Maintenance Guide For Outdoor Furniture

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Suggested Maintenance Guide For Outdoor Furniture

The Sossego outdoor collection utilizes sustainably harvested Brazilian Cumaru wood. Cumaru offers longevity and durability through various environments and weather conditions, requiring little to no maintenance other than the suggested cleaning schedule. 

The first two years of maintenance are crucial in providing longevity to your outdoor furnishing. Compliance with these guidelines are directly related to the limited 2 year warranty of the product. Failure to comply with suggested maintenance can result in wood discoloration, separation of joinery, mold or water damage and a denial of warranty claims, if applicable. 

UV exposure changes the molecular composition of not only the applied wax finish, but the wood itself. Continued direct exposure to natural light will dry out the wood and age the product over time, requiring continued maintenance to keep the product looking new. Exposure to the elements leads to the oxidation of the material’s surface, and this results in the discoloration of the wood, giving it its characteristic grey/silver hue. As this is a natural process, the silver-gray color may appear irregularly, especially at first.

To prolong the life of your outdoor furnishings, in addition to suggested maintenance, it is advised to cover or bring furnishings indoors during periods of extreme climate fluctuations, specifically during the winter months or rainy seasons. Allow outdoor furniture to dry completely before storing to prevent mildew or mold growth. 

To retain the color of unweathered Cumaru, we recommend applying the included wax at least once every six months.

To remove any raised grain and restore the surface to a smooth finish, lightly sand from time to time.

Cumaru can suffer so-called “bleeding” in the first few months. This is caused by moisture, rain, or irrigation water rinsing color pigments out of the wood, which can discolor adjacent building components or structures, leaving them a brownish color.

For outdoor furniture installations near bodies of saltwater, monthly cleaning is advised to remove salt buildup. Follow standard cleaning directions using a damp cloth and mild liquid detergent. Integrity of the wood grain surface may be compromise over time if excessive salt build up is not removed periodically.

Step by Step Instructions (must be followed every six months). 

  1. With the abrasive side of the a standard dish sponge that incorporates a low-abrasi0n scouring pad (do NOT use any metal-based products), sand the product in the direction of the natural wood grain. 
  2. Clean product with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. The wood should now be clean, dry, and free of oils, grease, fats, and loose particles or mold.
  3. With the soft side of the sponge, apply a thin layer of wax, completely covering all surfaces. Do not over apply.
  4. Allow it to dry to the touch and remove any excess wax with a clean cloth.
  5. Complete this process every 6 months or sooner depending on usage. 

NOTE: Do not apply under direct sunlight, on rainy days, or when the furniture is warm. Save remaining wax in its original container, safely closed, and store in a cool, dry place.