NeoCon Dinner 2023

Amazonia chef Paulo Anijar wowed our guests again with an eight-course tasting menu complete with cocktail and wine pairings, utilizing ingredients he brought from Brazil. Highlights included the tongue-numbing tingle of the jambu leaf in a star fruit cocktail, the once near-extinct pirarucu fish, and dessert with three unique components derived from the antioxidant-rich cupuaçu fruit.

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The Los Angeles Summer of Soirées 2023

We started the Summer of 2023 with a splash and a pop-up that continued for six months in LA, neighboring the Culver City Arts District. We shared Sossego’s modern and comfortable Brazilian lifestyle with the West Coast through food, furniture, and fabulous times that led to deepened friendships. The indoor-outdoor venue was breathtakingly beautiful, a lush space that was host for innumerable parties and private events that guests will long remember. Stay in the know about our latest experiences in Los Angeles and around the globe by signing up below.

WNWN 2023

It was a night to remember—a celebration of Brazilian design and culture at Sossego NYC. Guests swayed to the beat of the Bossa Nova duo while sipping Brazilian 75 cocktails, snacking on pão de queijo sliders, and rolling their own brigadeiros.

NeoCon Dinner 2022

Traveling from the Amazon, renowned chef Paulo Anijar prepared unique ingredients and herbs from his home region—to the surprise and delight of our guests.

Dinner Menu

Our nine-course menu represented a culinary journey through Amazonia. From the mouth-tingling jambu leaf in an icy mojito to the dark chocolate from cupuaçu fruit, guests enjoyed sustainably-harvested freshwater fishes and Brazilian fruits.

View the menu and stories of the
Amazon here. 

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