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List Price Starts At: $1,028

24.4″ Ø, 27.6″ Ø, 30.7″ Ø, 33.9″ Ø, 36.2″ Ø, 39.4″ Ø, 42.1″ Ø, 45.3″ Ø, 48″ Ø, 51.2″ Ø, 55.1″ Ø, 57.5″ Ø, 60.6″ Ø, 64.2″ Ø, 67.7″ Ø, 70.9″ Ø

Painstakingly hand formed in a 100% manual process, no fuel (beyond natural sunlight) was consumed in the making of this gorgeous artwork. The sienna tones come directly from the ferruginous soil in the Minas Gerais region.

Decorative wall hanging designed by Domingos Tótora. Available in Natural or Terra (red-toned) finish.


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