Who We Are

Sossego [so-SAY-go] is a Portuguese word that describes a uniquely Brazilian way of life, one of easy going warmth and bliss. Our award-winning Brazilian designers create hand-crafted furniture, lighting and art so that you too may experience sossego.

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The Movement of
Modern Brazilian Design

A week of Modern Art in 1922 birthed the Brazilian Modernism movement which was further propelled by Le Corbusier’s whirlwind travels through South America in the 1920s. French was the most widely spoken foreign language and architects flooded to the movement. The end of WWII propelled a further influx of Europeans to Brazil, precipitating a cultural exchange which continues today.

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Commited to Sustainability

We are committed to using only sustainably harvested wood.
Our manufacturing facility undergoes frequent and rigorous
IBAMA audits to retain its certification of 100% sustainably harvested woods. For each product delivered we fund the
planting of a tree in Brazil.

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Passionate craftsmanship

Our furniture is hand assembled and finished by craftsmen in Southern Brazil. Eight separate sandings create the buttery smooth finish of our products.

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Our Designers

Aristeu Pires

His pieces combine form and function, bringing timeless beauty and everyday comfort to architecturally significant homes, fine restaurants and executive office settings.

Domingos Tótora

Domingos’ passion for nature and authenticity compelled him to conceive a fascinating and laborious process that emulates the cycle of life.

Guilherme Wentz

He juxtaposes delicate with strong materials for unconventional results, seeking concepts for a better future.