Product Description

List Price Starts At: $1,526

31.7″ H   22.4″ W   20.9″ D   19″ SH   27″ AH

The southern forests have a song. It starts with the woodpecker, striking trunks at a steady tempo above the hushed rustle of the grass. A cricket chimes in now and then, and above it all, an unseen bird interjects regularly from the treetops.

Daniella has a rhythm too. She is a cadence, a bar from the song of the woods. Her boxy build is the meter; the dip in her leather seat is the artistic surprise. A row of Daniellas is delightful score. When your home is quiet you can almost hear Daniella humming the tune she learned from the forest.

Modern dining chair by Aristeu Pires sculpted from Brazilian wood.

For each Daniella Armchair delivered, Sossego funds the planting of a tree in Brazil to replenish the resources and ensure the long-term well-being of the planet.