Product Description

Pitu Chaise Balanço List Price Starts At: $5,305

Pitu Ottoman List Price Starts At: $1,749

29.5″ H   29.7″ W   38.7″ D

The new Pitu Chaise Balanço takes luxurious comfort to the next level; paired with the Pitu Ottoman, it becomes a natural haven for relaxation. Named for the endearing Portuguese term designer Aristeu Pires’ called his youngest daughter, this rocker embodies the warmth and comfort of cherished moments. Crafted of sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood using a combination of plush down and foam swaddled in taut canvas fabric.

For each Pitu Chaise Lounge Chair delivered, Sossego funds the planting of a tree in Brazil to replenish the resources and ensure the long-term well-being of the planet.

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