Product Description

Price: $599
Pitu Chaise Lounge: 5.2″ H  4.9″ W  6.2″ D  

Ottoman: 3″ H  4.8″ W  3″ D

Timeless beauty goes beyond aesthetics with the Pitu Chaise Lounge and Ottoman by Aristeu Pires. Admire its classic lines, unique construction, and smoothed curves. The hammock-inspired canvas sling, held into place with solid wooden dowels, cradles the perfectly plump cushions.

Constructed at a precise 1:6 scale of the original Pitu Chaise Lounge and Ottoman, this collector’s piece features the same expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Note that the Ottoman Miniature is included with the Pitu Chaise Lounge Miniature.

The full-size version of the Pitu Chaise Lounge is available here and the full-size version of the Pitu Ottoman is available here.